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  • Welcome to FarmHouse at Mizzou


    This website is designed to inform and educate individuals on the beliefs, history, and current happenings of FarmHouse Fraternity. The website features information regarding members, community involvement, house achievements, and history of the Alpha Chapter.  It is here, where alumni and current members can reconnect with other brothers in the house, and gain access to certain member’s only features. We encourage you to explore our website and hope that your time spent here will be both informative and enjoyable.


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     FarmHouse Alpha Chapter


         Welcome to the founding chapter of FarmHouse Fraternity at the University of Missouri. For over 110 years our chapter has prided itself in the development and success of the men that have called FarmHouse "home". We continually produce prominent leaders, scholars, and athletes widely recognized across the Mizzou campus and the world. We are a Fraternity committed to excellence in all aspects of life.

         I invite you to take a look at the rest of our website. Hopefully you will recognize the legacy of excellence that the Alpha Chapter has brought to the University of Missouri. Feel free to contact myself or any other of our Executive Officers with any questions or comments you may have. On behalf of FarmHouse Fraternity, I appreciate your interest and look forward to meeting you in the future.


    Cody Huhn
    FarmHouse Fraternity President  







    Recruitment Interest

    If you're interested in rushing the Missouri Chapter of FarmHouse click this link and fill out the attached form:

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    Fall 2017 Informal Rush Events:





     If interested in these events or a tour of our chapter house, feel free to contact the Recruitment Chairmen:



    Jordan Wade



     Gavin Gillespie






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